The Dark Secrets of the Internet, Everyone Should Know.

The Dark Net is associated with the “evil” side of the internet, where hackers, criminals, drug traffickers and extreme experimental users meet to exchange illegal information and to sell their products and services. The Dark Net is a subset of the Deep Web, which contains websites that normal search engines (i.e. Google) cannot find. They reside on encrypted networks that cannot be found or traced easily.  Important to highlight that not all websites that reside in the Dark Net are malicious. In fact, some sites simply take advantage of its privacy.

Double Edge Sword: That is the Internet


Services and information are exchanged using encrypted communications channels and Bitcoins are used for financial transactions. Anonymity is what fuels the Dark Net. Therefore beware of accessing it unless you have the proper IT skills to protect your identity.

To learn more about the Dark Net , I am going to share with you some of its Offerings.

  • Get Hold of Credit Cards Information On the Dark Net, users have the ability to purchase credit cards with their pin codes for as low as 500 USD or its Bitcoin Equivalent.


  • Become a Citizen of the USA or any other country On the Dark Net, users can purchase illegal, falsified documents such as passports, social security numbers, driver’s license for as low as 6K USD in Bitcoin currency.


  • Hacking Services- on the Dark Net, users can hire hackers to launch Cyber attacks or to hack into social media accounts. Today, everyone can hire a hacker to conduct a malicious operations on his behalf. Businesses and Individuals need to be aware about this risk and take the necessary security precautions to reduce the threat.


  • Arms Trafficking on the Dark Net, users can procure weapons anonymously using Bitcoins.


More alarming are websites that offer services such as:

  • Child Pornography sites such as “Lolita City” which was thankfully taking down by a hacker group called Anonymous as part of Operations Dark Net which targets illicit websites. The group was able to shut down over 40 website and to release over 1500 usernames of the websites owners.
  • Criminal websites where services that include assassination services.
  • Dark Rooms which offer its audience a whole new genre of Torture Porn.

And much, much more horrific sites…

How to access the Dark Net?

To access hidden websites, you need to use the TOR network using specialized browser made for the Dark Web. Users also require a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure anonymity and additional security.

TOR offers encryption on the Dark Web which hides both the identity and location of the user. IP addresses can simply be spoofed and  created to trap anyone trying to track it.

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If your identity is discovered, it can put you in danger. Cautious is required when accessing the dark web and all peripheral devices such as webcams, microphones and others need to be switched off.

Simply put, IT IS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO RANDOMLY EXPLORE, especially if you do not know what you are doing or where are you going..

The Dark Net hosts many disturbing sites which can have a large psychological impact on the visitors. You are solely responsible for accessing the dark side of the internet.

I will write more on this topic. I look forward to receive your thoughts and experiences.



4 thoughts on “The Dark Secrets of the Internet, Everyone Should Know.

  1. Hi Cedric,
    I am reading most of your articles which are well written to build the awareness of cyber security to much larger community.
    Keep it up and looking forward more articles in cyber security topics.
    Kind Regards


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